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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Access that Preserves Your Capital
Gain access to routing data for portable numbers from one provider -- Verizon. Their national footprint saves customers the trouble of negotiating access with multiple service providers in different regions.
Local Number Portability (LNP) is a circuit-switched network capability that allows carriers to move numbers to different switching systems. Thus, it becomes easy for you to let customers keep their phone numbers when they change providers, type of service or move physical locations. Verizon's LNP Database Query Service allows you single-source access to routing data so your customers' calls will arrive at the appropriate location.

How It Works:
When customers dial a number within a portable NPA-NXX, your central office or mobile switching center routes the query to a Verizon signal transfer point (STP) over an SS7 link. Verizon directs the query to their LNP database and send the Location Routing Number (LRN) information back to the customer's switch for call routing. And of course, Verzion keeps the LNP database current to ensure accuracy.

Verizon's LNP uses our infrastructure. So, one can count on reliability, speed-to-market and preserving capital dollars to grow your network in other directions.
Verizon maintains and monitors the network for all their customers. Typically, potential problems are resolved before they ever have a chance to cause disruption.
When you need an answer, Verizon specialists are just a phone call away.
Leveraging our SS7 network can be profitable when an individual or company sells Caller ID, Single Number Service and DB800 Services to their customers.

LNP is a circuit-switched network capability that allows carriers on one switching system to move directory numbers to a different switching system. Mandated by the Federal Communications Commission in July 1996, LNP enables subscribers to change local service providers without changing their phone number. Our LNP service helps carriers rise to the challenge easily and cost-effectively by offering:
Nationwide service or regional coverage tailored to meet your geographic needs.
Operational economies inherent in working with a reliable, single source provider.
A low query cost and volume discounts based on your query volumes.
Significantly faster deployment in your customer markets utilizing our existing LNP infrastructure.

Data Warehouse
PARS (Performance Assurance Reporting Suite) which is a relational online analytical processing (ROLAP) application. This is operated on the top of the comapny's active enterprise data warehouse environment provided by Teradata in one high-speed server
Click HERE for more information about verizon's data warehouse

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