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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Verizon Wireless has joined the Linux Mobile (LiMo) Foundation and has announced plans to adopt the open source software platform.

Automated Workforce Administration System (AWAS) --now has Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System(GIS) capabilities. GPS technology uses U.S. satellites to obtain pinpointlocation information. GIS technology depicts location data on maps to showlocations relative to physical objects. Verizon Information Technology's AWAS software package is designed forlarge businesses that regularly dispatch field forces to serve customers. Itis a major component of Verizon IT's overall operations support systems and business support system software applications. Global positioning and geographic information technology fits seamlessly into the current product's operating environment and improves dispatchefficiency and customer service for telecommunication service providers,utilities and other organizations with large field service fleets. According to Ravi Kallem, director of dispatch systems for Verizon DataServices, the new capability is offered as an option that includes mapping andreporting tools, as well as complete field force tracking. "Verizon's Automated Workforce Administration System software is anefficient and flexible workforce management solution that already givesdispatch centers comprehensive control over their service fleets," saidKallem. "Now, with GPS and GIS capabilities, the system offers managers true'at-a-glance' information. That means they're better equipped to makedispatch adjustments, provide more precise routing information to servicepersonnel and dramatically reduce the number of missed commitments tocustomers." Verizon has conducted exhaustive trials of the enhanced AWAS softwarewithin its own dispatch operations with impressive results, according toKallem. "Adding global positioning and global information capabilities to AWAS arepart of Verizon's commitment to continuously improve customer service," saidKallem. The enhanced AWAS tracks field technician movements using GPStransmitters located in service vehicles. Transmitters signal vehiclelocation data to GPS satellites. Location data is then interpreted by GISmapping technologies to depict vehicle location. The vehicle's location isthen compared to the location of a customer's facilities, physical and logicalarea boundaries, landmarks and obstructions. The GPS and GIS features enable work and the workforce to be displayedgraphically in real-time, so the dispatcher can assess situationsinstantaneously. While the system enables companies to efficiently deployworkforces to areas where work is concentrated, if dispatchers identify asudden trend in work levels, they can make quick decisions in response tochanging needs.

Information Technology

Verizon Information Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of VerizonData Services, itself a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, one of theworld's leading providers of communications services with approximately$67 billion in annual revenue. Verizon Data Services has more than 30 years experience in the development of telecommunications software solutions and management of information technology, across a variety of platforms and withina range of industries. By using the skills of more than 10,000 IT professionals, Verizon Information Technologies provides OSS and BSS telecommunications software products, IT outsourcing services, transactionprocessing, network management, telecommunications software systems, andhealthcare payor transaction processing and communications industry software.Verizon Data Services' eight data centers handle millions of transactionsdaily with industry-leading availability, reliability and security.
Verizon Wireless announced that it is introducing new technology that will deliver system software updates over-the-air to new handsets. With a technology from InnoPath Software Inc., Verizon Wireless customers will be able to easily update embedded system software on some of the newest handsets using over-the-air technology.
The over-the-air download is designed to proactively alert Verizon Wireless customers to upgrade their system software before issues are apparent and will allow customers to avoid a visit to a store that is sometimes required to have an update installed. Using InnoPath’s ,Firmware Over-the-Air, solution, Verizon Wireless customers will receive a message on their wireless phone indicating that a new handset update is available. Customers will be periodically notified to download the updated software package by following simple on-screen prompts that will guide them through the process in a matter of minutes. The technology will be introduced in some new phones starting later this year, and throughout 2008.
Firmware, or system software, on mobile phones is a program or set of instructions programmed into the hardware of the device. Updates of firmware can enhance the calling quality and functionality of a device.

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